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How Does Robot-Building "Help" My Child?


Learning Important Educational Concepts

Building a robot engages children in an exciting and FUN way! 

These elements play a vital role in developing a child’s focus and interest in what they are doing. While kids are busy robot-building, they are learning basic STEM principles as well. 

[Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.] 

Of course, challenges may arise during the robot-building process. These challenges provide a great opportunity for a child to learn the skills necessary to overcome obstacles. 


Problem-Solving Skills and Creativity

Every robot building kit is different and therefore each experience may vary, however, similar principles will apply with each kit. The idea is to have fun, welcome the challenge and feel good about completing a kit. If you’re working with a very young child, we recommend staying with the child during the building process in case they get stuck on something, but more importantly to oversee any safety concerns especially if batteries or tools are required.

Working with hundreds of children, our experience shows that when a child completes building a robot, they get “excited”, which, if nourished properly, can generate interest in continuing on their STEM skills and open a decent path for success and growth in future opportunities within the next techno-savvy generation!


Robotics Can Improve Computer Programming Skills

In addition to "robot-building", another layer to robots that is most definitely FUN for kids is Programming and Coding! This is where a child can bring their robot to LIFE!   And here's where "obstacles" become great challenges or "missions". What's even better is that a programmable robot can often be programmed in a variety of ways, extending the life of any robot kit. Some programmable robots are kits that you build from pieces within the kit, and can often be rearranged to conform into different robot shapes or types. Another type of programmable robot is one that comes built and provides you with the challenge and fun of strictly programming.  Either of these kits or complete robots will provide hours of fun, entertainment and excitement!