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Sico Millennia, the most sophisticated mobile Communication Robot in the world, is available to host your corporate or public event.   

Standing six feet tall and sporting a passenger-carrying platform, Sico Millennia can interact with guests, perform product demonstrations and even take part in a scripted event. 

Sico Millennia’ s personality is friendly, playful, eloquent, caring and humanitarian.  Sico Millennia has the ability to spontaneously adjust speech, mannerisms and behavior to fit any age, social level or environment or even present itself as a male, female, child, alien, etc.  An extensive, programmable library of sound effects and musical segments can be remotely accessible to the actor/operator any time during the performance.
Sico Millennia will have a tremendous impact on your audience. Past uses include: hosting corporate receptions, fundraisers, government receptions, motion picture launches, grand openings, press conferences, hosting major fairs, trade shows and conferences, delivering keynote addresses alongside other speakers and participating in ribbon-cutting ceremonies.
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